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This proposal was extra special for me as it was my brother-in-law asking the most wonderful woman to marry him. Andrew and Selena actually started dating around the same time Adam and I did, so it was cool to experience that together. Anyway, about this day:

Andrew asked me and Alison (my sister-in-law) to help him execute the plan. Saturday morning we headed down to Eugene and found the perfect floral booth at the Saturday Market: C & K's Flower Garden. They put together the most beautiful fall-inspired bouquet; it was perfect. 

The set up for the actual proposal was I think the most difficult part, for us at least, but it was exciting to help make this magic happen. We arrived at the David Minor Theater & Pub early to get everything ready; we got the table decorated with the flowers and candles, set up the cameras and proposal was all good to go when Andrew and Selena showed up.

At this point, I'm essentially in the fetal position behind a couch in the back, dark corner of the private theater room. "Coco" started playing and the two nervously ate their popcorn. At the previously agreed upon time, the DVD malfunctioned, and the proposal video, pieced together by Alison, came on the screen, and all kinds of romance, excitement, and love came pouring out of Andrew. Alison and I popped out from our hiding spots to capture the whole thing. Unsurprisingly, Selena said "YES!" and cried happy tears while in Andrew's embrace. The cherry on top: Andrew had invited both families to lunch afterwards as yet another surprise for Selena, so we all got to celebrate together!

I can't express fully how special and memorable this whole thing was for me; to help with and capture the biggest moment of their lives up to this point is something else, man.

I think these will always be some of my favorite photos simply because of the significance this day holds in my heart. Alright, enough mushy-gushy stuff; I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

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